Boomaroo Nurseries

Nick Jacometti & Peter Smith

Boomaroo has been in operation at Lara for about 35 years. They grow vegetable seedlings for other farms. Nick and Peter explain several decisions fundamental to the success of Boomaroo Nurseries:

  • Biosecurity – the site is away from densely populated growing regions, which protects them from incoming pests.

  • Pest management – their focus is to move away from preventative sprays in favour of using beneficial insects, funguses and traps.

  • Water – using rainwater wisely, they harvest and use rain water, and are reducing previous reliance on town water. They recycle water on site through UV filters and reed beds. In future, they expect to use micro filtration and reverse osmosis.

  • Energy – solar panels produce 25% of their electricity. Energy-efficient appliances and equipment can further reduce energy needs.

  • Packaging – using recyclable packaging, and reducing any unnecessary packaging.

Concepts in this video include:

Design Decisions, Microclimate