Velisha Farms

Catherine Velisha

Velisha Farms have been growing vegetables in Werribee South since the 1930s. They grow for large supermarkets and markets and are aware of the nature of our changing climate because they have weather and soil data going back for so long.

Catherine explains three key aspects of their farming practice:

  • The farm’s clay-based soil and proximity to Port Phillip Bay of the Werribee area are important. Clay soil holds more water in summer, which helps vegetables withstand the heat, and being so close to the water, they get cool breezes.

  • What you take from the ground needs to be put back. For example, Catherine explains that after cutting a broccoli crop, the green matter will be mulched back into the soil to add organic matter – food for future crops.

  • The weather is changing. Farms can’t outrun the weather, so their risk mitigation plan includes purchasing farms in other areas and linking up with other growers. A sort of biodiversity through geographic dispersal!

Concepts in this video include:

Microclimates, Design Decisions