Soil Type & Structure

Everything comes down to soil.

Regenerative farmers sometimes see themselves first as custodians of soil and second as producers of a product.

Soil structure is formed of tiny clumps called aggregates. In functioning soils, these clumps are full of life! Very fine plant roots, bacteria and fungi work together to form micro-aggregates in the soil.

Soils need plants and microbes working in tandem to create aggregates. This is why soil must have plants growing on it. Aggregates and organic matter in soil can hold a lot of water.

Soil structure should allow spaces between the aggregates for air and water to penetrate. When this soil structure is degraded, soil is more prone to compaction and erosion.

Regenerative farmers make careful decisions about soil management, such as reducing tillage, planting cover-crops and applying compost or other biostimulants. Their focus is all on building, and keeping, a healthy, active, friable soil structure in which plants and organisms will thrive.