Bufton Farming Group

James Bufton

Bufton Farming Group is located north of Geelong at Balliang which is in a rain shadow. It gets less rain than surrounding areas, probably because of the effect of the You Yangs.

James explores several dryland cropping techniques, including:

  • Knowing and working with your microclimate – in their case, the dry region, and regular wind from the direction of the Brisbane Ranges.

  • Keeping the soil covered at all times with a living cover crop. This insulates the soil (from cold and heat) but importantly also prevents evaporation and wind erosion.

  • Focusing on management of every drop of rain received, and making sure that rain infiltrates the soil and is stored in the sub-soil for current and future use by plants.

  • Keeping a long-term view: decisions made today may affect the farm for years to come, for example by maintaining a sustainable plant production program for long-term sustainability.

Concepts in this video include:

Wind, Microclimates, Soil Water