Main Ridge Dairy

Bess Noxon

Main Ridge Dairy is a commercial goat dairy and cheese factory based on the Mornington Peninsula. Bess explains how and why natural biodiversity benefits the whole farm.

  • Under the voluntary Land for Wildlife scheme, 30% of the property is set aside for native bushland, which provides habitat for native birds and mammals.

  • Trees are important, including dead trees. These are used by birds of prey as perches for hunting mice and other small mammals, but they also provide nesting hollows for native birds and animals.

  • Shelterbelts link the areas of remnant vegetation. They are planted with endemic species that provide habitat for wildlife and enable small birds and animals to move safely across the landscape. Shelterbelts provide shelter for stock from wind and storms.

  • Tributaries of Main Creek are fenced, excluding livestock for 100m each side. Native vegetation has regenerated, providing yet more habitat.

Concepts in this video include:

Climate, Microclimates, Design Decisions