Peninsula Vinecare

Tyson Lewis

Tyson represents a business on the Mornington Peninsula, managing vineyards with a regenerative approach. He explains several ways Peninsula Vinecare improve the land while also taking a healthy crop of grapes.

He talks about:

  • Having cover crops between the rows of vines. Cover crops such as oats, barley sorghum, peas increase the organic matter and improve the soil, and when cut, provide a source of mulch to suppress weeds.

  • Reducing erosion on the slope through ensuring that soil is never left exposed.

  • Designing the vineyard so that the rows of vines flow with the slope, not across it. Cold air flows downhill, and rows that run up and down the slope (not across it) allow cold air to flow down and out of the vineyard. This is important in spring and autumn, which are crucial moments in getting a full growing season for grapes.

Concepts in this video include:

Aspect and Slope, Soil Structure, Design Decisions